Analyzing Individual Source Credibility: Example Two: John Lennon

Assigning a general level of credibility to John is problematic for any number of reasons. Nonetheless, here is a list of general issues which should be accounted for when examining source material originating from John: Posts with your thoughts, questions and comments are welcome.

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Unpublished Excerpts: “How Do You Sleep?”

In Chapter Two of The Beatles and the Historians, I discussed a few — and only a few — of the reasons varying Beatles authorities have offered for John’s excessive behavior and untrue statements within “How Do You Sleep?” In earlier narratives, various sources attributed John’s excesses to either class-differences — the political and social cause du jour of the breakup-era time period — or regarded John’s insults as a cleansing truth-telling, prompted by Paul’s provocations. Later narratives have focused more on examining John’s psychological makeup in attempting to explain the depth of John’s anger and resolve the unfair statements John makes throughout “How Do You Sleep.”

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