Book Review Questions and Requests

Hi everyone;

Awhile back, Erin and I suggested that you email one of us should you have questions about the blog or ideas for a book review. Upon reflection (and after finding a bunch of emails in my file folder that somehow missed my attention–sorry!) we decided that emailing us probably wasn’t the best method of communication. In the future, please direct your questions and suggestions to the comments section of the blog and that way we’ll be sure to see it.

Your imput is important to us!

Erin and Karen




The Historian and The Beatles blog is a year old!  Erin and I want to thank everyone for their interest and contributions. Please keep it up–your opinions and perspectives are important.

As we move forward, we would really like some feedback from everyone.  For example, what do you like about  the blog?  What do you see as its strengths and weaknesses?  Are there any works you’d like Erin to cover/review which she hasn’t thus far? Is there any post or thread which you’d like to see developed more fully in a separate post?  We’re eager for your feedback so please, let us know.

We also think it would be interesting to solicit YOUR book reviews of books which Erin hasn’t covered, or those which she has, but perhaps you have a different perspective.  If you would like to write a book review for us, let us know here in the comment section.

So now we turn it over to you; let us know what you think!