6 thoughts on “Merry Crimble

  1. Chris Ridges says:

    Thank you Karen, Merry Crimble to you too!Playing Beatles music at Christmastime is always so lovely, and fitting. 

    I hope this reply gets to you—I love your pieces on the Fabs, I actually reread them occasionally. Yourreflections are unusually significant, and for me, very valuable. Much joy to you this season,Chris  Christopher Ridgesc.rid@verizon.net


  2. Hologram Sam says:

    Does anyone else here see the Beatles Christmas messages as a microcosm of their entire career? The first ones are the four of them live in a studio, having fun. Then they progress to heavily produced and edited extravaganzas with sound effects. And then the last one is the four of them phoning it in from separate rooms. And John’s contribution, of course, features Yoko.


  3. SAK says:

    Thank you and a return Merry Crimble from Cleveland, Ohio. Enjoy reading entries at this site. Not so much Beatles history, but may be of interest this time of year. Louise Sara (Lindner) Eastman, mother of John, Linda (See, McCartney) and additional children was from a prominent Cleveland family. In 1908 her father, Max, founded the Lindner Company retail store here. The store merged, modified its name several times and was one of the areas largest department stores. During the Christmas season, starting in 1927 and for the next forty-one years, the store displayed inside their atrium, a several stories tall, beautifully decorated Christmas tree (I hope link below will open). This was one of the city’s traditional holiday attractions. I remember my Aunt taking all us cousins downtown and, from a kid’s perspective, the tree was enormous! (As a side note, Paul McCartney played here several summers ago and I thought made an interesting comment. On stage, going to the next song, kind of mumbling, acknowledged “Cleveland, home town of my children’s Grand Mum.” Sadly, they never met her and neither did he.)



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