4 thoughts on “Best Of The Season

  1. Gael Sweeney says:

    Happy Christmas to you all!

    Oh, and the “Vintage” tee shirt is a complete fake.

    The Beatles cartoon show didn’t premiere until September of 1965 and “Christmas Time Is Here Again” was the Christmas special for December 1967, so this cannot be from 1964. Besides, it’s really badly done!

    I was alive and kicking in 1964 and those kinds of tee shirts were NOT something that was normal back then. It’s the same with the so-called Beatle “tour jackets” — there was no such thing while the Beatles were touring. Of course we all know that their roadie was Mal Evans and he wore a suit. Those kinds of jackets came in during the Seventies with the rise of Stadium Rock and hoards of roadies traveling with bands.


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