7 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. Hologram Sam says:

    I see the Beatles Christmas records have sold out (last time I checked)


    I remember back in the early ’70s WNEW-FM used to play them in their entirety every Christmas. And there I was with my trusty cassette recorder.

    Interesting that even their Christmas messages (like their records) evolved each year, becoming more complex (mirroring their musical output). And their final release was a bunch of separate greetings stitched together to make it sound like they were still on speaking terms. The last greeting was Ringo, George, Paul…. and John&Yoko.

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    • Erin says:

      Yes, Congratulations to Sir Ringo! I’m pleased to see he’s being recognized for his service to music. It’s good to see Ringo living long enough to get his much deserved credit, esp. as he was improperly regarded, for so long, as “the amiable mediocrity” of the band. The drumming exhibition they put on at the Sgt. Pepper Conference this spring really was eye opening, even for me, whose knowledge of drumming is pretty limited.


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