Admin Stuff

By Karen

You may have noticed that we don’t have icons in the comment section that would enable you to italicize, bold, or otherwise distinguish text within the comment body. This makes it difficult for commenters to distinguish quoted text or emphasize words. Never fear, though, because something called “Markdown” is here.

Markdown uses simple keyboard characters to emphasize text in particular ways. Block quotes, bold, and italics can be achieved by simply inserting an arrow, an asterisk, or an underline.  Erin and I think it would be a good idea to use Markdown when quoting, so that quoted text is more easily differentiated.

Markdown Codes

  1.  to blockquote, add an > at the start of the paragraph you want to block quote.
  2. to add a hotlink, put the ( ) around the url.
  3. to italicize, add an * before the text.

Below is an example of Markdown.



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